Capture both sides of every story. Take a photo of what’s in front of you then add yourself to the shot to complete the story. DualShot elevates the experience of capturing a moment by letting you share both sides with the people you love.
App Spotlights
Indispensable tool for developers. It notifies a developer when its apps are on the spotlights. It also provides statistics for all markets.
Canadian Developer Connection
Stay tuned for all the coolest updates from the Canadian Developer Connection blog of the Microsoft Canada DPE team!
Ultimate Poker Manager
The Ultimate Poker Manager is a complete toolkit to host and track poker games.
Bridge Companion
The Bridge Companion is an application to replace the bridge score sheet and to easily manage the games played while also tracking Masterpoints.The Bridge Companion has been selected as one of the Top 10 apps of the Windows Phone 7 App Challenge at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in L.A. in 2011.
Meeting Planner
Meeting Planner helps to find the next available time slots to create a meeting. Meeting Planner will search between all your calendars on your Windows Phone.
Tweet Out Loud
Tweet out Loud can read up to the latest 20 tweets from each user in your list.
Stationnements Montréal
Find all the free parking spots in Montréal.
SkyMotion lets you know exactly when precipitation will start and end for your exact location. Plan the next 2 hours with precise knowledge of how precipitation will impact you, your family or your business.
Ubisoft Your Shape
Companion gaming application that allows you to keep in touch with the ‘Your Shape™ Center’ profile, challenge your friends, and keep track of your progression.
Ubisoft Uplay
Companion app for Ubisoft games. Uplay rewards you for playing the games you love with a wide range of exclusive services and free content.
Ubisoft Just Dance 3 Autodance
Make your friends dance, even the ones that can’t. Record your friends doing stuff and Autodance will sync their movements into an instant dance routine, proof that anyone can Just Dance. The application is not anymore in the marketplace, because the Just Dance 3 promotion is over.

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