Canadian Developer Connection and AlignIT applications

For the great Developer Movement promotion, I had an idea to create an application from the content of the Canadian Developer Connection blog by our beloved Microsoft evangelists of Canada. The content of the blog is helpful for all developers around the world using Microsoft technologies. With their permission, I created the Canadian Developer Connection application:

The 3 main features of the app are:

  • Read articles and watch saved videos while you are on the go (i.e. without an Internet connection).
  • Receive notifications for unread posts and news on Live Tile.
  • Pin your favourite evangelists in the Start menu for quick access.

For those who don’t know about the Developer Movement promotion, if you build quality apps, you can get a Kinect, a 1 TB external hard drive, a Windows Phone, a 500$ gift voucher and so on.

For an additional app for the Developer Movement promotion, I created the AlignIT application. This application is based from the content of the AlignIT website. AlignIT is the one-stop source for Canadian infrastructure and development managers. The application is built with the same framework as the Canadian Developer Connection application, so contains the same feature set.