Welcome to my new blog!


It is with a warm welcome that I invite you to read my new blog.

The blog will be dedicated to Windows Phone development, but from time to time you may also see some Windows 8 articles. Windows Phone and Windows 8 share the amazing Metro style, and a lot of the code is the same.

In the two years since I started developing for the Windows Phone platform, many extraordinarily cool things have happened to me. If you keep reading my blog, you will discover what these cool events have been, and you will also learn some tricks that will help you be successful in developing your own Windows Phone apps.

As a side note, please be aware that my first language is French, and so any grammatical errors are unintentional. I will try to do my best. Errors in code, however, you can blame me for!

Through the platform of my blog, I would like to share my passion for Windows Phone development, and I hope I’ll be able to help the WP community create more wonderful applications.

Happy coding!

Sébastien, alias ArchieCoder